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"Victorian Velociraptor with Violets." Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur. 


Yeah, I kind of need this.

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“Thames Water” AKA “Monster Soup”
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A Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart by D.W. Kellogg, ok. 1833-1842
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Ok, wiem że to nie kolejna fotka albo jakaś ilustracja z epoki, ale moim zdaniem klimat i treść tego utworu doskonale obrazują atmosferę tych czasów. Nie zraźcie się proszę obrazkiem w tle, jest słaby.
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On January 22nd, in 1901, Queen Victoria passed away at Osborne House

She was succeeded on the throne by her eldest son, Prince Albert Edward, who would reign as Edward VII. He had been at her deathbed along with her oldest grandson, Wilhelm II.

She was 81 years old, and had been Queen for 63 years, 216 days, giving her name to an era and setting a record for the longest reigning British Monarch which still stands today.

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Simnel Cake from the "Victorian Book of Cakes"
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Edward Askew Sothern  as Lord Dundreary
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Woman taking a photograph (1880s)
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Wood engraving from “La Nature”, 1883.

A cat organ or cat piano (Katzenklavier in German) is a conjectural musical instrument which consists of a line of cats fixed in place with their tails stretched out underneath a keyboard so that cats cry out in pain when a key is pressed. The cats would be arranged according to the natural tone of their voices.

2D Goggles, or the Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
Riding with Zebras, London, 1898
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The Illustrated Police News. Photo: British Library.
Orlando Parry, ‘A London street scene’, 1834.
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