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Illustration from Punch Magazine, Volume 4, London, 1878
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"What to wear in December."

Cassell’s Magazine, 1883.

" Warm work for cold days."

The Christmas Carillon, The Girl’s Own Annual 1883.

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Geographical and astronomical illustrations from the mid-1800s
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Sisters, by William Powell Frith, 1843.
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The hazards of elevator travel in the 1880s were spoofed in cartoons like this one from The Wasp, a Western magazine (From This Fabulous Century: 1870s-1900s, scanned by weirdvintage)
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"The proper length for little girls’ skirts at various ages", from Harper’s Bazaar, showing an 1868 idea of how the hemline should descend towards the ankle as a girl got older"
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Great Dust-Heap at Kings Cross by E. H. Dixon, 1837
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